Perry's Food Rack

Transport your food mess-free with this revolutionary new food rack. 

Transport your food quickly, conveniently, and mess-free. 

Deliver your food from point A to B without the spills, leaks, and damaged pans and loader bags. The average caterer throws away over 15 loader bags a year due to wear and tear caused by stacking food pans. Replacement of bags along with the costs of doubling pans cost food service providers countless dollars each year. Until now. 

Using Perry's Food Rack, food service providers can prevent: 

- Bottom pan from being squished

- Leaks in pans/bags

- Cross contamination

- Spending on double-panning

- Spending on replacing bags

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Kenneth Perry


Perry's Food Rack was invented by Chef Kenneth R. Perry of Boston, MA. Kenneth has been a Chef for 39 years working to help better the food service, catering industry. Kenneth, originally from North Carolina, also U.S. Marine Corps war veteran. 

Kenneth started his culinary career in 1985 and had since held chef positions at Marriott Hotel, Legal Seafood's Western Copley Square Boston and City Fresh Foods. After 8 years managing City Fresh Foods, overseeing the daily preparation of 2,000 healthy meals for the community's school children and elderly, Kenny branched out on his own to found, Perry's Gourmet Catering Services in 2002. The company caters business functions, private parties, of all sizes in Boston and surrounding area.

Since the launch of Perry's Gourmet Catering Services, the company has served clients such as Boston Private Bank Trust, Citizens Bank, M.B.T.A. Boston Medical, New England Black Nurses, Deloitte & Touche, M.I.T. Collage, U-Mass, Nothern Eastern, Former Governor, Deval Patrick & Mayor Menino, and many more. 


How it Works

1. Place frame in bag.
2. Add food pan. 
3. Add Perry's Food Rack shelves and up to two more rows of pans. 
Perfect for caterers, restaurants, and delivery services!
Made in America and Veteran owned!

Contact Me / TEL: 617-413-8732


TEL: 617-413-8732

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